August 8, 2003 is changing!
We have just moved the site over to a new server that will allow more dynamic development to take place. There will be a link to Classifieds, along with user submitted pictures and folders, and a messageboard -and much more!
Suggestions are welcome, just email Richard Harris at

Stay with us as we make these changes. Our hope is that by developing the site into a more dynamic approach - that more members can get involved and that the site will be updated much more often and with less effort than before.

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Archived News

March 1st 2003

The new March Sky Events are online, get them all here.
The SAS 2003 Calendar is also online, you can get that here.(scroll down)

Hopefully we will soon once again have clear skies in the Ozarks! :)


Febuary 10th, 2003

The New February Sky Events is up. Check that out in the Sky Events section.
The Yearly Club schedule is about to be released, check back for that -or subscribe to site updates for immediate alerting.
Looks like we are going to have a Busy year!


January 6, 2003

Happy new year everyone. We are looking forward to some great meetings and events in 2003!

The new January Sky Event is online

The Sky are wonderful this time of year, be sure to get a glimpse of the gas giants       (Saturn and Jupiter), on these crisp winter evenings seeing is at it's best!

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